An Update...

So, after much consideration I have decided not to maintain two blogs..and this one has sort of reached the end of it's originally intended purpose. Our adoption journey has been well documented and I am so grateful for all of the connections and support I found through this experience.

I will be keeping this blog up for folks to access until I can figure out how to combine it with my other blog,Plumm. I want the archived posts to be available for people to access. I can see on my stats page that many folks are still finding and reading this blog through google searches for 'Taiwan adoption'. I know that my appetite for adoption blogs was absolutely insatiable during the research and waiting periods of our adoption and I want to have our info out there for all of you who are at that stage now.

If you are a long time reader who is looking for updates on how the boys are doing there are occasional updates over at

Thanks for stopping by!

Be Well,


Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

Hi Amanda,
Your boys have grown so much! Both so handsome! I really hope we can meet up on one of our trips to CA.

plumm said...

Yes Please!

Thanks for the kind words about the boys...I think they are pretty stinkin' handsome myself.

Of course you little bugs are also stunning.


Anonymous said...

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