An Update...

So, after much consideration I have decided not to maintain two blogs..and this one has sort of reached the end of it's originally intended purpose. Our adoption journey has been well documented and I am so grateful for all of the connections and support I found through this experience.

I will be keeping this blog up for folks to access until I can figure out how to combine it with my other blog,Plumm. I want the archived posts to be available for people to access. I can see on my stats page that many folks are still finding and reading this blog through google searches for 'Taiwan adoption'. I know that my appetite for adoption blogs was absolutely insatiable during the research and waiting periods of our adoption and I want to have our info out there for all of you who are at that stage now.

If you are a long time reader who is looking for updates on how the boys are doing there are occasional updates over at

Thanks for stopping by!

Be Well,


Taking a break...

I am going to take an official break (as opposed to the unofficial one I have already taken) from this blog. I am not sure how, or if, things will progress from there. I have been dedicating more and more of any 'spare' time I find to work on my other project--- Plumm --- and can't seem to manage all three of my web obligations. I will also be taking some business and design courses at the college which begin very soon which will restrict my time even more. So, I will continue to update over at the Plumm Blog and may end up merging the two into a single sort of life and craft type endeavor.
Hmmmm. Lots to consider.

All the best to you and yours....



Some photos of our day of thanks...

We had 22 friends and family for dinner, it was just wonderful.

Luke decided he would only eat out of my small skillet....absolutely not off his plate. No way. Kai decided to only eat stuffing, but it could be off of anyones plate.
Chris and I after dinner....


Am Thankfull

for so much....

  • kids
  • hubs
  • fam
  • friends
  • home
  • health
  • creativity
  • support
  • encouragement
  • passion
  • possibility
  • sippy cups

Thanks Universe.


Thanks .....

for all the kind words about the new craft endeavor. As a show of my gratitude I will share some photo's of my sweet, crazy boys. And, below, a bonus Halloween family photo. (Yes. The boys had multiple Halloween costumes. Yes.)


Somthing new....

So, I have started a new blog to showcase my other passions.....sewing, knitting and the whole handmade resurgence. I am hoping for it to be a way to connect with other crafters, creators, artists and moms who are trying to find a way to parent mindfully while pursuing their own interests (something I am REALLY struggling with). Please head over and check it out...

It's called



A Hat

I just finished another one of my little hats for the boys. I started making these when Luke was a baby and still really love the look. I call them "Rock Star" hats because so many folks point and whisper and even approach us when the kids wear them. Now I just need to keep a few with me so I can see them to our Fans!


The Pumpkin Patch...It is good

Another bag...

So, I finished another cute little purse. I am officially an addict. This time I used a fun little dot stitch on my machine to do most of the finish work...The purse was a birthday gift for Little miss Lily, who is 1, so it seemed perfect. I already have two more in the works. Can't wait to share!


A Sweet Little Bag

So...I have been wanting to try making a purse for a while now. But for obvious reasons I haven't had much time or space to sit and create. I finally set up a sewing area and got busy.

Although I have been sewing for quite a while, I have never tried a project like this before and am quite pleased with the results.

I just sketched it out on paper and then made my own pattern. Honestly, I didn't know quite how it would turn out. I only had to rip out 1 seam. Yeah! I was a bit disapointed with the fuseable stabalizer I chose, but other than that it turned out very near to my vision. It is just like a yummy little gumdrop.

I can't wait to start the next one!!!! Stay tuned.


Quilt Time

So...The time has come for me to begin working on Kai's (yes, we are already calling him Kai and he is already used to it. No, he doesn't respond to any random name, just 3 carefully chosen ones) quilt. It is currently a 25 wishes quilt. NOT quite what I was hoping for. Ummm, I don't want to sound all braggy here, but, we know signifigantly more than 25 folks. That means some of you who have had the pleasure of his amazing company have not contributed a square. Shame on you. Shame.

If you look at this photo and see your square...then you rock!!! Yay you! If not...lets fix this. Let's make it right. Come on.....when he sits on your lap in a few years and pulls up his quilt, asking which square is yours, you will thank me for all of this harassment because you will avoid a supremely awkward moment.

Seriously though, we really want all of the people who are a part of our lives as we grow our family to be a part of this quilt.


Let's See Here...

Well, a few things to report.
First, we have decided to make a slight change to Zack's name. I know, like he hasn't already dealt with enough change lately. We are going to lengthen it ever so slightly to Zackai or Zakai. We haven't nailed down the spelling yet. Leaning toward the latter though. I suspect we will end up calling him Kai eventually. Right now when I have called him Kai he has mistaken it for "bye" and waved at me. Very amusing. I suspect the most confused of all of us will be Luke....oh well what's one more thing?

I have also begun watching our dear friend Cole once again. It is going very well. It really is not much more work going from 2 to 3. You are already insanely busy...whats a little more gonna hurt? Going from 1-2 is definately harder. Also I only have Cole 2 days a week this time instead of 3.

I decided to go back to school after Christmas and finally finish up my degree. I don't really know how we will decide to put it to use once I have it, but right now what matters to me is getting it. My major is in interior design and then possibly I'll get my teaching credentials...we'll see. I expect it will take a few years to finish with both kids around. Luke will start preschool next year, and Zakai the following year so that will help. Until then I will use the school daycare which I have heard great things about.

We had our first night away from both boys last night. We went to the beautiful wedding of our frinds Melanie and Sam. It was a magical evening...and not just because we had some time away from the boys. The boys stayed with their Nona and Grandpa (Chris' parents) and did amazingly. They are just awesome kids, what can I say?! We picked them up this morning and they were happy as could be. Any kid would be, really, Nona and Grandpa's is a pretty great place to be.